3 Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Paycheck Advance


If you have ever been in the terrible position of running out of money before your next payday, you already know how welcome a paycheck advance can be. However, before you commit to an arrangement with a lender, it is a good idea to consider the following advice. By doing so, you can be sure that you are choosing the right loan that provides the most appropriate terms for your needs.

#1-Choose A Well-Known Lender

It is important to note that the cash advance industry is often an expensive one. However, you may be able to offset your own fees by choosing a lender that is both well-known and established. Due to the fact that the business is likely to do more financial transactions, it is very possible that they will offer fewer fees. However, there are laws in many states that impact the fees that payday lenders can charge, which means that in some areas the terms from one company to the next are remarkably similar.  

In addition, it is helpful to remember that it often becomes necessary to renew the paycheck advance, in part or in full, on its due date or soon after. If you need to do that, negotiating the lowest fees on your short-term loan will continue to pay off. 

#2-Do Not Borrow More Than You Need

It is a good idea to be sure of the exact dollar amount that you need immediate access to before applying for the loan. Although a paycheck advance helps many people who would have trouble getting a loan from a traditional lender get the money they need quickly, it often has some significant costs that are easy to overlook.

Therefore, while it is easy to get excited when the lending expert offers you extra money, above what you need at the moment. Since that extra money will incur extra costs and you will have to pay it back fairly soon, it will be a more responsible choice to only borrow what you need.

#3-Know How You Could Renew The Loan, If You Need To (And Minimum Loan Amounts)

Hopefully, the situation that led to the need for a paycheck advance is quickly resolved and you are able to pay off the loan as you plan to. If that is not the case, you should make sure that you can renew the loan if you had to. As part of that, you should also verify that you could renew part of the loan, to make the next payday a little easier.

Renewing part of the loan can be challenging if you are already borrowing the minimum amount. By making sure you can pay back part of the loan and get an additional amount for the remaining amount, your financial future is likely to be a little smoother and easier to plan for.

In conclusion, the ability to obtain a paycheck advance is one that can help many people when an emergency situation occurs. However, you should consider the tips that are listed above when deciding on the loan and lender, so that you can be sure you are not incurring any unnecessary fees.

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31 March 2016

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