Excuses To Use When You Don't Want To Help Someone With Bail


It can be a stressful time to receive a phone call from someone you know asking to put up money to bail him or her out of jail. Even if you're sympathetic to the person's situation, you need to carefully assess a number of things before you make the commitment to help. If the person isn't reliable and doesn't attend his or her court date, you'll be held financially responsible -- which is a major headache that you don't need. If you've thought about the person's reliability or the strength of your relationship and have decided that getting involved isn't in your best interest, you might not want to bluntly tell the person that you don't feel he or she is reliable. Instead, here are some excuses to consider using.

"I Don't Have The Money Right Now"

Whether or not it's true, suggesting that you don't have the available funds to help the person who has been arrested is a common excuse. When you contact a bail bonds agency to help the person get out of jail, you'll pay a premium that isn't refundable -- and could be on the hook for more money if the person avoids court. Even though the person who has been arrested might promise to pay you back, simply stating that you don't have the money to get into this situation should be enough to send the person looking for help elsewhere.

"I Have Too Many Expenses Coming Up"

Another valuable excuse to consider using is saying that you have pending expenses that make it impossible for you to put up money for bail. Whether you're about to put a child through college, are working on a home renovation or are planning a trip, the last thing you need is to lose a significant amount of money by getting involved in this process. Politely decline by saying that based on your upcoming expenses, there's no way that you're currently in the financial position to help in this way. 

"I've Had A Bad Experience Helping Someone In The Past"

If you say that you've helped someone with a bail bond in the past and it didn't turn out well, the person who has been arrested should hopefully understand why you're resistant to get involved again. Because this story sounds like a personal matter, you can answer any questions by saying that it's a painful memory that you don't want to bring up again.

If you're on the fence about bailing someone you love out of jail, you could always talk to an agency like Yusef Odeh Bail Bonds to learn a bit more about the process before making a decision.


11 April 2016

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