Financial Factors To Consider Before You Leave For College Out Of State


When you are about to head off to a college out of state, you may be feeling both nervous and excited about the prospect. As you are getting ready to get out in the world on your own for the first time, there is a great deal of planning and preparation tasks that you will have to complete. While packing all of the clothing and supplies you need will likely preoccupy many of your thoughts, you will also want to take some financial factors into consideration before you leave for college out of state. Get to know some of these factors so that you can be sure that you have everything in order before you head off to start your new adventure. 

Make Sure You Have Your Checkbook and Credit/Debit Cards With You

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you don't forget to pack all of your important financial items. This includes your checkbook and extra blank checks, your debit card, and your credit cards.

Taking this simple step will ensure that you can access your money on the road and once you get to your dorm room or apartment. You do not want to get there only to find you have no money for food or other essentials. You may also want to consider bringing a secure lock box or miniature safe with you to lock up your valuables (like extra blank checks and debit card) when they are not in use so they do not get stolen.

Find Out If You Will Have ATM Services For Your Financial Institution Where You Are Going

Not all banks are national or even regional chains. In fact, some only have free ATM services locally. It is important for you to know if you will have ATM services through your bank in the area you will be attending school.

If you find that you do not have ATM services through your bank in that area, you will have to make choices. You can talk to your bank about the fees associated with using ATMs for other banking institutions or universal ATMs and determine if that is a worthwhile option for you (financially). You can also check with an ATM servicer, like NCATM Associates LLC, for ATM locations.

Otherwise, you may want to open a new bank account with a banking institution that does have ATM and other banking services in the state and city you will be going to college in. You do not necessarily have to close your original bank accounts if you are fond of your current banking institution but you will be able to keep money in an account to specifically used at college.

Now that you know a few of the financial factors to consider when you leave for college out of state, you can be sure to get them taken care of before you start classes.


29 June 2016

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