World In Your Hands (And Pocket): Using World Events To Increase Your Net Worth


Using world events to help increase your bottom line is not just a strategy for businesses and millionaires. When the world markets take a swing due to social and political events, it can be a good idea to use this to your advantage. Here are some ways to use world events to increase the amount of currency in your possession and therefore, your net worth. 

Take advantage of low currency

If a currency has currently slipped to lower levels than in previous years due to a political event, you can purchase this currency and make it work for you. Ber sure to look at the trends of the currency over the past few years. if the currency tends to be at higher levels, or if this is a new low, you should purchase the currency and wait for it to rise. This way you will get more for your money, plus get repaid with interest once the worth of the currency rises. 

Purchase precious goods from countries with downswing markets

In times of political or social change, countries can see their stock markets go lower than usual. This is one of the best times to make an investment or a purchase in the country. If you ca find gold and silver coins in countries that currently have a down market, you may be able to make the deal of a lifetime. Depending on how much money you have to invest in gold or silver, you can get more troy ounces than usual for the amount of dollars you spend. 

Buy into a business

If a country that is normally stable is having changes that have decreased its currency against your own, this can be the perfect time to set up shop in another country. Purchase ownership in a business or start up a business of your own. Be sure that the business that you are investing in has historical precedence of performing well in the country. Owning a business can mean drawing a long-term income. 

Get real estate

When a currency goes low and the stock market goes down a few points, the real estate in the country can become more affordable. In an effort to turn the market around, the interest rates on real estate purchases will be lower and there will be more to purchase on fewer funds than before. Owning a home can give you ties and a possible right of abode in some countries, which will mean that you can make further investments in the nation. Spreading your net worth into other countries can increase your net worth and financial possibilities. 

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19 July 2016

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